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The Garbage Pile

*$16 Mac&Chz topped with BBQ beans, pulled pork or pulled chicken, cheese sauce, cole slaw, jalapenos, and BBQ sauce.*

Smoked Wings

*$13 Slow cooked jumbo wings then fried to crispy perfection and tossed in your choice of sauce.*


*$9 All beef hot dog topped with pulled pork, slaw, and BBQ sauce.*

Loaded Fries

*$12 Crispy fries topped with cheese sauce, pulled chicken, and sliced jalapenos.*


The Carolina


Pulled pork, Carolina Red sauce and sweet vinegar slaw piled on a roll.

The Yardbird


Pulled Chicken tossed with Carolina Gold sauce and topped with coleslaw.

Big Tex


Brisket topped with coleslaw and Struggletown Original BBQ sauce on a roll.

Jake's Steak Sandwich


Marinated skirt steak , melted cheddar, chipotle aioli, crispy onion rings on a Portuguese roll. Served with Fries.

Barbecuban Sandwich


Smoked bologna, topped with pulled pork, melted swiss, pickles, mustard on a pressed Brioche Roll. Served with Fries.

LJ's Buff. Melt


Pulled chicken, melted cheddar, topped with Buffalo ranch sauce and pickles on a pressed Brioche roll. Served with Fries.

Platters (comes with 1 meat and 2 sides)

Pulled Pork


Pulled Chicken


Sliced Brisket


Half Rack Ribs



Mac & Cheese


Sweet Vinegar Coleslaw


BBQ Beans


Macaroni Salad




French Fries



Chicken Tenders & Fries


All Beef Frankfurter


Soda or Water